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November 04, 2014


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We are the center of the universe for it. There was a CalTrans director rant a few years back online whichs tated he could NEVER get anything done on time and in budget in the Bay Area. And it wasn't because of construction costs or materials or whatnot. He stated hew as constantly being sued (or CalTrans was) and that delayed and exacerbated the budget craziness.

Hell, the new computing center being built in berkeley at the lab for the progenitors of skynet is 4 years behind schedule...because of nonsense lawsuits.

If those lawsuits are stopping Skynet, how can you say that they are nonsense?

My boy, he will be John Connor. The Maurerian Jihad awaits!

Because there is and will not be in our lifetime a SkyNet. Or even in our grandchildren's lifetime. Skynet is a chimera, a will'o'wisp, a strawman which is distracting from the real problems of communications and automation...which we have been discussing in email.

The lawsuits are a waste of money. Millions of dollars spent and with no change in outcome other than some lawyers retained by UC were paid.

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