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October 21, 2014


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"Obviously the Serb fans started it, which under UEFA rules would mean an automatic 3-0 victory for Albania."

UEFA seems to disagree....somewhat.

They awarded Serbia the automatic 3-0 victory over Albania because the Albanians refused to come back onto the pitch for the second half and thus it was Albania that was deemed to have abandoned the game (so Albania now moves from having a goal difference of +1 to -2 and still on 4 points; while Serbia moves from a goal difference of 0 to +3)...but they also had 3 points deducted from Serbia for the riot in the stands. Both teams have also been fined 100,000 euros.

In the end it turned out to be a weird (and expensive) "draw" for the two teams (except neither team gained the 1 point given for a draw).

I was being sarcastic when I wrote "obviously"! That was the Albanian view that day. I didn't know UEFA's final resolution until now. Thank you!

You're welcome. Didn't realize you were being sarcastic - oops!

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