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July 07, 2014


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I think there are plenty enough SE Asian women available to be brides in a way never really true of Aussie men. Men who take such brides will be of lower social status and kids will be lower on the totem pole. This phenomenon ongoing in Korea is actually pretty fascinating with the various sorts of controversies and poignancies that have been occurring.

As far as crime waves and war-making goes...

I think one main thing is more subculture formation as men seek to be socially involved, whether that be gangs or model train hobbies. The other is the increased valuable thingafication (as noted in the paper cited in post) of women and their ability to reflect male success. More harems, absurd competition and negotiations with in-laws. Lots more taboos.

Traditionally when one chinese area gets a little light on women, they raid other villages and areas and kidnap women for brides (if I understand correctly). In megacities with more state presence, this is probably harder to do. However, we're talking about people on the bottom of the heap and relatively equal to one another. Australia might also have been a fairly egalitarian environment. In a class ridden society, think, oh, hey! India!, you may well get a lot of violence, particularly of socially dominant classes (with plenty of women), against working, minority, or poor men. The Chinese in 19th century America may also be a case in point. The inspired dysfunction causes general civil unrests and outright civil wars...

P.S. I hope your son isn't disparing of his future prospects! He looks like (take away baby fat and look at symmetry...) he should be handsome enough to bag a good partner!

He's just astounded at the silliness of the discussion. I have seen few better images to capture "oy vey" than that one.

Although this particular case involved leaving his soccer ball at the cafe. Point holds, I think.

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