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April 09, 2014


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Man, that does look like a very interesting book. Since the only thing I've read with any bearing on that issue is Judt's Postwar, I couldn't say much except that I'm not sure just how much media integration of the hexagon that existed. Judt's portrayal of France during that time was one of fairly strong introspection-locally minded rebuilding until the mid-late '60s. I don't think De Gaulle ever intended for quota system to be in good faith, no more than UK's democracy promotion and opening of the civil service in Hong Kong before the turnover was in particularly good faith.

So to me, there is a stark contrast in background between Putin and De Gaulle. As such, it's reflected in the distinction of nationality and ethnicity. De Gaulle offered Frenchness but no home rule, while Putin offers home rule, but no real participation in the affairs of wider Russia. I think Putin's offer is more sustainable, because he can make the offer, where De Gaulle couldn't really order other French to consider Algerian Muslims French. Moreover, I think De Gaulle's motivation was to isolate the Algerian settler community by contrasting its truculence with forward-looking Hexagon polity. If it had worked without a coup attempt, France might still have Algeria, I think, and some sort of quota system would have lasted. I do not think De Gaulle wanted that to happen, but there was a chance.

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