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March 02, 2014


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If the Economist has an article that gets you to write *three* posts in high dudgeon, then I'm going to read it. If only to laugh...

Well, I didn't laugh, but that is truly one...spectacular...editorial. I've been made aware of a number of pretty crazy editorials being published recently, but this one is a contestant for the "best".

To put it simply...The Problem With Democracy Is All The Uppity People Who Think They Should Set Policy.

There is a reason that the most fondly written of government cited in the article is China's. Jeez, what a curmudgeon article...

+1 on shah8's first comment. If it pisses you off _that_ much, it's at least worth a couple of minutes!

BTW, the Monkey Cage article on Ukraine with the click-bate title, was, besides being incorrect nearly as soon as WP hit "publish", godawful.

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