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February 09, 2014


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I took the quiz, and it placed me squarely in my home state of Delaware. Apparently, living in Rhode Island for fourteen years had no effect on my speech.

That's seriously amazing, because I don't think of Delaware as having anything to distinguish it from the rest of the Mid-Atlantic.

Anyone else? Come on! (And I'd be amused to hear where it places Canadians. My guess is Western New York.)

Didn't work as well for me. Called me a Floridian.

St Petersburg, Penbrooke pines or Fort Lauderdale.


That's actually reassuring, that the quiz isn't perfect.

I'm curious as to what answers you gave. New York to South Florida isn't a big jump (for obvious reasons, as your map shows), but Northern California to South Florida most certainly is.

Kevin Drum found that it was one answer that bumped him from SoCal to Sacramento:


FWIW, I took the exam four times and got the same result with each one.

Anyone else?

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