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August 27, 2013


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Serbia's endgame was to orbit then join the EU. In order to achieve this they had to end their war.

There were many opportunities for Assad to leave the Persian orbit. This was not done.

We are about to intervene between Iran and The Base...commanding from behind with no strategy. Iraq was faulty but this...There is no plan.

BTW, there was no Clinton policy...as with this administration...There is none.

Yeah. Go me.

I'll offer a couple of nonpredictions, hoping to be shown wrong.

Obama will NOT:

Push a resolution through the Security Council to the point that the Russians have to veto it, and then go to the General Assembly, or

Reach out to the Axis of Unpleasantness and ask what it would take to move Syria to a better end state, or

Get behind any of the various peace efforts in a big way.

No, he'll blow some things up from a distance, look Presidential for the American media, and hope that that's the end of it.

I know that this kind of limitation is the flip side of not owning the conflict, and I surely don't want to own this conflict. In a different mood I might be happy about this plan. But I do wish we looked to do something more productive than throwing a tantrum with explosives.

(BTW - IS the administration doing any of these things quietly? It would be good to be wrong.)

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