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June 06, 2013


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Huh. I've thought secret ballot would be useful... for a house selected by lot, where voters don't need to know how the members voted. Makes bribery hard. The one drawback is that it also makes vote-trading or logrolling hard, and trading votes is a major protection for minorities.

You could apply the logic to any single-term elected legislature too, I guess. But multiple-terms? Gah!

For someone from around the Block now living here I have to say that Colombian Politics are very hard to follow and hard to truly understand the undercurrents playing out in the senate beyond the mayor national trends.

For every event or policy there seem to be more than three layers to peel off before you get down to true interests and influence.

What's your view.

About the secret ballot...is that universal for all votes in both upper and lower house? The link says that in Colombia's House of Representatives, the Speaker is chosen by "free formal vote by secret or public ballot." Does that mean the outgoing Speaker picks which type of vote is used?

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