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April 23, 2013


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This chart is baffling. Are "Spanish" and "Foreign" subcategories of the total change in the population? Or of the natural increase? Do the categories sum?

I *think* it's net migration of Spaniards, net migration of foreigners, and natural increase, but they don't sum? Also, what's with the autumn 2011 baby boom?

I am getting sloppy these days. Apologies.

I edited the text to answer your questions. Please tell me if it makes sense now.

Which brings up the question of just why people aren't emigrating, given Spain's apocalyptic unemployment levels. One would think that most of them have nothing to lose.

Spain's two largest groups of immigrants, Romanians and Moroccans, both shrank last year.
Like rats from a sinking ship. The same thing will happen in the USA when the immigrants have sucked the life blood out of us.

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