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December 20, 2012


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I hope that oil price will not rise anymore. Thanks for the great post!

If you read the weekly EIA storage reports, you will see the rapidly dwindling gas surplus. My point is we have had excess supplies for too long, drilling is shut in, Shale is depleting at much faster than expected rates, we have hot weather and supply is finally tight and the pendulum is swinging in the other direction.

Some of these reports may further people's fears and panics about rising gas costs. At the moment it just seems to fluctuate; some days it's up some weeks its down. I'm not seeing a massive change in my area.

Adding to the shorter term demand situation, this winter is shaping up to be one of the nastiest in years, causing a big spike in natural gas demand in northern states and provinces.

Maybe these and other reasons are why Japan, China and India are all investing heavily in shale gas in the U.S.

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