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August 31, 2012


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I thought you used to operate under the theory that the Executive got too much deference here because it was fused with the Head Of State. Am I misremembering this? (Not playing gotcha. I don't mind mild mockery of Presidents too much myself, but I can certain see where yelling during the State Of The Union was over the top.)

You're not misremembering!

I did believe that there were problems with the fact that we combine the two positions.

That is entirely consistent with the fact that I show a lot of respect to the Head of State and consider that it would be a bad thing for active political actors to stop doing so. After all, if I thought it was okay to disrespect the Head of State, then I would have no problem with combining the position with the head of government!

(By "okay" I mean "socially acceptable and conducive to non-toxic politics," not that it should be illegal, of course. Just for any third parties reading this.)

I would tend to agree, with the caveat that "active political actors" should be construed pretty narrowly. People working with each other should not call each other names. It isn't conducive to getting business done. Me calling either of the last two Presidents "Bush" or "Obama", or even "Shrub" or "Obummer", doesn't strike me as much of a problem. OTOH, my worldview presupposes that their job description includes a degree of lying, so I suppose I'm not starting from a very high base.

But perhaps you _are_ construing it narrowly? Running for something? I'll vote for you! Despite the Che t-shirt and the fact that I'm not legally entitle to vote in your state of residence! I'm flexible that way.

(OTOH, the sight of Ted Rall makes me think I might be capable of murder, so I will admit to less-than-perfect consistency here.)

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