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July 01, 2012


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Well, there is a way to "sorta" filibuster in the Senate: if you remember the hoo-haw after the 2006 election, the then leftist coalition FAP (PRD-PT-Convergencia) occupied the Senate Chamber and locked out the PRI-PAN-etc. Senators, preventing a quorum from passing any bills. With widespread suspicion of EPN's electoral victory, expect more "creative" legislative maneuvers.

My worry is that those sorts of tactics aren't parliamentary. They're mob rule in suits. If continued, the result won't be legislative paralysis; it'll be equal disregard for the bylaws on the part of the other side. That would be a very bad result.

Preventing a quorum is another matter, but the PRD coalition won't have enough seats to do that, unless the quorum rules have changed.

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