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July 22, 2012


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C.J. Chivers makes the case that the correlation of forces (he doesn't use the term) has shifted irrevocably against Assad and his army -- that they are, as I wrote in my post on Qaddafi last May, trying to climb a slope that is only going to get steeper:


I'm not sure I agree -- but he makes a strong and well-informed case.

Doug M.

I'm in agreement. I think Assad will still be fighting, but not in power.

I'll explain the Algerian War reference. I think readers will assume the implication is the opposite of what it really is.

I should stop being cryptic like that, I know, but it is fun.

yes 1 2 3 viva algerie they won so beat that nasty french people do not deny that you lost , because you did and that is why your all losers !!!

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