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May 22, 2012


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I agree with you. Vázquez Mota seems to be the least bad option. However, I rather have AMLO than Peña as president. I'm voting for whomever is in second place. Sadly, the PRI will win the presidential election and a majority in Congress...

Agreed on AMLO and EPN, but I don't think I could pull the trigger for JVM. Quadri maybe? Write-in of Ebrard? Whatever the case, this is the worst slate of candidates in at least 30 years.

Peña Nieto is a no go. I know some of the folks in his campaign (nasty people), and as a resident of Estado de México I´ve seen first hand what a horrible administrator he has been. Behind him are forces unknown to most, of whom we have no idea what they want or which concessions EPN made for their support. As you said: institutions matter more than policies, and seeing as how federal institutions would suffer a PRI-purge when he comes to power those people would get in, which worries me deeply (assuming that at least a number of the very questionable people who worked with EPN during his stint as a governor will follow him to Los Pinos).

AMLO? Maybe. As much as I agree with you on your disliking of his activities in 2006, I still think he´s a better alternative to the PAN than EPN. Problem would be his mandate: the PRD holds only a few states and comes in third in congress, which would make any proposed change to the constitution (which is vital to any political reform) almost impossible. He´d be pretty much a lame duck president anyway. Voting for him would be more of a statement than a choice for sounds government.

JVM has the same problem, even though the PAN has more power than the PRD. The fact that her campaign is a train wreck is not relevent with regard to her persona. I´d vote for her, because at least the party is more united than the PRD. I also believe she´s the better choice because she doesn´t propose any real sweeping changes, but seems to be a gradual reformer.

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