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January 15, 2012


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No real questions. But I'll note that when I gave the mid-term in World History 2 last summer, it seems that every students got the questions on early modern Ethiopia right. You'd have them get what I'd think of as the simplest questions wrong, but the questions on Ahmed Gragn, Galawdewos, Susenyos, the Jesuits, the Portuguese expeditionary force were almost all answered correctly by pretty much everyone. If I could duplicate what I did in that particular day of class for the rest of my teaching, I would be the greatest teacher ever.

Other comment: As a medievalist and a Europeanist, I find accounts of medieval Ethiopia to be similar in the melody if not in the notes. The expansion of monasticism, the absorbing and conversion of mostly animistic and less state-oriented peoples, etc. It's all like what you'd see in northwestern Europe, but Monophysite.

Final comment: one of my friends and colleagues at U of T has done a lot of work in Ethiopia: His weblog has some magnificent pics of his various trips there.

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