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August 15, 2011


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This is a very interesting, well researched article.

Maybe the Bahamian should consider changing the way they run the country. Maybe look at all the other countries and how their system works and which one seems to be the best for everyone and reform their gov to that with their own twist to it. That is a beautiful place and it needs to be protected from people who don't care about the islands only what they can take away and form to their own rules. There is a solution to their problem they are just going to have to maybe stop all of the import charges and other things that they charge for that could help the islands. They need to keep it where it will attract only decent good people that either come to live there or visit there. There is so much that could be done there to bring in more people but I think the big companies don't want to have to pay all those high charges they charge for everything that is brought in there. They also need to come up to the 21st century they are a long way off from the US on a lot of typical daily things also you can only travel by a boat that comes by once a week or a air plan which is expensive so you are stuck unless you won your won boat. I have been looking at property there I want to experience living there if only for a year or so I just want to look at all of that wonder and beauty that our Heavenly Father put here for us to enjoy. Deb

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