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August 24, 2011


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I disagree. Although, it'll help the economy, the question now remains what exactly does China want with the Bahamas or any other Caribbean country?

Your research is good, but it doesn't imply what exactly comes with China loaning the Bahamas money. You've spoken about 2 projects, the Chinese are building about 10 projects. And a small country like Bahamas can't possibly pay China back. So no doubt will the immigration laws be changed, they will. You also have to remember that these are two different ideologies and culture.

China got extremely petty with the USA over a minor issue, imagine what can happen if it got angry with the Bahamas or any other Caribbean nation. And so far every Caribbean nation that China has assisted has severed ties with Taiwan. But I guess you see nothing wrong with that?

I live in the Bahamas , more specifically Freeport Grand Bahama and i dont appreciate how u are trying to make my island and country look bad . These are some of the worst pictures you could have possibly taken .Grand Bahama is one of the most beautiful islands in the bahamas . And compared to americas poor people our poor are middle class citizens .

Amen..you tell him.. im an American and it's real sad here... the poor and homrless is an abomination in Gods sight.. too much prejudice..evil and greed..

I'm going on vacation for the 2nd time to this beautiful island. I would like to fill up my suitcase to take there with something I can drop off to the needy. Any suggestions as to what and who I can contact to do this? I love helping.

I don't know where or how you got these awful pictures... but the Bahama Island I know and love does not look like that... anywhere... and Ive been from one side to the other...
Pfffff... going for sensationalism... Grand Bahama Island is beautiful safe and welcoming...

To the dummies replying above who obviously live in an altered reality, most of nassau looks like that and even MUCH worse - Nassau is the capital of the Bahamas. It is nasty and much worse than the ghettos in the USA - that is a fact. If you want people to talk nice about it, then get off your lazy asses and clean up your ghetto areas.

What's the salary wedge for the people working in restaurants and catering

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