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June 11, 2011


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British defence procurement is a corrupt mess that makes the American procurement look sensible, clean, honest and efficient.

One journalist reporting on the mess that is UK procurement is Lewis Page (of the Register).

It's not generally a well-reported subject, but you could do worse than start with Lewis.

Plantation FL? I live near White Settlement, TX. Granted there's a historical reason for it, but my wife and I kept doing a double-take every time we drove by.

Sweet Mary, man. That is s creepier town name than Plantation.


WiB isnt that great a blog, in fact, I mostly use it for a feed to other links I'd not normally be aware of.

Anyways, WiB swiped it from: http://economix.blogs.nytimes.com/2011/06/14/can-we-afford-the-military-budget/

I wouldn't rely on Lewis Page. He's a climate-change denier, which makes you wonder about his judgment more generally. He also has some very odd ideas about naval strategy and tactics which are rather close to the policy he denounces so violently - he wrote a whole book claiming that we only needed aircraft carriers and submarines, none of these funny little grey ships. The government has basically followed that policy, which is partly why it's such a mess.

WRT NATO, part of the problem is that there is specialisation within NATO but it doesn't map onto the political situation. Germany was meant to provide most of the helicopter lift for the NATO central front and for the Allied Manoeuvre Force, and Italy to do the same in the Med. Hence the Germans have a huge fleet of CH-53s and the Italians have a lot of CH-47. But they're not so keen on Afghanistan so they're not there.

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