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February 11, 2011


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Guess they didn't get what they wanted after all.

Granted, I just got done with 12 hours in transit, but:

What is the utility of replacing US aid dollar for dollar anyway? As I understand it, a great deal of that aid is military in nature; how exactly is a dollar for dollar replacement going to get Egypt replacement parts for M1A1s and F-16s? I suppose its irrelevant now, but that strikes me as a threat that's both deeply counter productive and fairly hollow.

That's an excellent point. (More in terms of training than kit, per se.) It's one of the reasons the Saudis didn't get their way.

The significance, I think, is that they made the threat at all. The fact that it is, as you point out, mostly hollow only underscores how much Riyadh thinks its interests have diverged from America.

Quite the cock-up on the Saudi side, but I can't see them overreacting at all if they didn't feel strongly about the issue.

The fact that the Saudis leaked the news also seems to have some significance --- this wasn't Wikileaks.

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