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February 17, 2011


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"Analyses like Stratfor’s are misleading without being incorrect, and in a potentially dangerous way." Based on the analyses I've read from there, you might rephrase that to "Organizations like Stratfor are misleading without being incorrect, and in a potentially dangerous way."

That organization, like Investor's Business Daily, exists to confirm the prejudices of its readers and should not be taken seriously.

Contrary view:

All media outlets exist, to some extent, to confirm the prejudices of their readers. I don't see that flagging one set of content as "unserious" is useful, particularly if it manages to be, per Noel, wrong while being technically correct. You just need to make sure you get an opposing (or better yet orthogonal) interpretation.

Disclaimer: I may have complained to Noel or Doug some years ago about screwy numbers regarding oil production that Stratfor was putting out, so I'm certainly on-board with the idea that they can be and are wrong on details.

Actual poster or Turing Test winning 'bot? You decide!


There's a report that the BBC has stated the Saudis have moved into Bahrain.

Is there a chance we can get an update from the team here?

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