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September 01, 2010


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Worth a read about the nature of China's oil policy: http://www.umich.edu/~twod/writing/china_iran_sanctions_22mar10aa.pdf

A few years back they also granted some extensive concessions on forestry and mineral rights in the Far East to the Chinese. Really extensive, iirc.

The notable thing about the pipeline deal is that it isn't particularly favorable to either party; it really looks like a commercial transaction. I don't know about other concessions.

"Russia and China discussed a long-term lease of one million hectares of Siberian forests as "a pilot project on joint use of forest resources," the Russian Natural Resources Ministry press service said in a statement on July 26. The project was considered at a meeting in Moscow between Boris Bolshakov, deputy head of the Russian Federal Forestry Agency (Rosleskhoz), and Li Yuchai, deputy head of China's State Forestry Administration."

It was to be a pilot project with a lot more to come. That was 4 years ago, iirc.

I'm scrounging from my notes about the mineral deals as well.

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