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July 23, 2010


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Okay, I'm really glad to see that the article in SWJ really is a farrago of the most paranoid Anglo fantasties about Latin America. It's a little disturbing that such an article would wind up in a publication that's regularly read by folks in the Pentagon. Did the editor just figure that an article on devil-worshipping narco-traffickers with an intent to undermine civilization itself seemed perfectly reasonable? Because if I were the editor and that came across my desk, I'd probably ask a Latin America expert if those extraordinary claims were correct. Hell, I'm just a reader and asked you because that seemed just a little odd.

It's really the last paragraph that says it all:

“Honest men are increasingly accepting bribes and embracing criminality over certain death, in some instances, along with the threat of the infliction of torture. Such is the reality of day-to-day life in many of the sovereign free and cartel controlled zones that now exist in Mexico and Central America. Who can say if those who are willing to compromise their values — and in a sense have already darkened their souls — are not willing to complete the transformational process taking place and accept criminally derived forms of spirituality and religion into their hearts? In the war over social and political organization now raging in the Americas, we must expect and prepare for these and other such contingencies.”

Translation: people who give in to extortion lose their souls!

What? Huh? At best, they seem traumatized by the penultimate chapter of 1984. At worst, they're insane.

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