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July 28, 2010


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Sounds like a great paper. It isn't on her website - do you know if it is available?

Luther van Pumpernickel?

She hasn't written it up yet, but I have a PDF of a powerpoint that show all the key results. I'd be happy to send it to you.

Hey Noel,

If you could kick that PDF my way I'd really appreciate it too. Really interesting stuff.

In your mailbox, PC.

Hey Noel,

Any way you could send me the same PDF? Would be greatly appreciated!


Ok, I almost wrote this in response to one of the prior posts on the subject and you've made it germane again. The question was, what has changed in the recent past to cause the current upsurge when conditions had seemed right previously but there were much smaller increases in violence?

One possible answer is, the current government is less corrupt than its predecessors. As you note above, corruption & violence should be substitutes. The gangs can get their way via either bribery of the power structure or the ability to challenge the power structure's monopoly on violence. The only reason I can think of to switch to the riskier latter strategy is if the former strategy is less accessible to you.

Also, I wouldn't mind the pdf either.

Please add me to the chorus. You might also find this paper interesting Violent Externalities and Electoral Incentives: Understanding the Political Basis for 'Mexico's War on Drugs'

Dear Noel,

I'm a researcher doing work on the same topic -- think I could please have the PDF as well? Sounds fascinating.

Thank you!


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