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July 05, 2010


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I had a similar affinity for Messi especially, but also Argentina in general. The team's style definitely added to it, but part of it, I think, is just the chance to see historic greatness is alluring for a non-aligned fan, and we had that chance with Messi. If he scored six goals and Argentina won the world cup, that would have put him up there with Zidane and Maradona as one of the most memorable performances of our lifetimes, which, for someone who doesn't have personal nationalistic loyalties to any of the remaining teams, is appealing. (And he's got another shot in 2014!) With the possible exception of Rooney and Ronaldo, no one else had a chance to stamp his mark on soccer history in that way, and both of those guys were zombies from start to finish. It's about as much as you can hope for besides one of your own teams winning. Soccer's a team game, of course, but the individual performances give it its spice, which is why everyone remembers 1986 but no one really talks about Germany in 1990 nearly as much.

Also, Messi is just a lot of fun to watch and comes off as a pretty likable guy, which you wouldnt say about, say, Ronaldo.

I partially agree with you, I think not all the people think the same about Diego, but all the people love it as an ex-player. I doubt of his capacity to deal with the strategy of a team, without thinking as a player. It seems he will continue until 2014, let's see.

From San Luis, Argentina.

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