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May 19, 2010


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The Hernando de Soto idea that clean title would unlock a flood of easy credit always seemed a bit on the Underwear Gnome side to me, yes. This makes more sense.

Large swathes of Africa are seriously opposed to the idea of fee simple land ownership, especially in rural villages. The fear -- and IMO it's prima facie reasonable -- is that one bad harvest and, schwoomph, all the land gets snaffled up by a few rich people, forever. Communal and other forms of village ownership are clunky, but may be the least bad hack.

"Who would have thought those hideous pastel sandals would be insurgent footwear of choice?"


Of course, that's a colder climate.

Doug M.

Hmm. Timberland, good stuff. Comfy, goes on forever. Crocs, well, not so much. Even in swamps, I'd take a good polished leather boot of the kind issued in basic training any day.

So it's still a mystery. Explanations, anyone?

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