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May 22, 2010


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Inflation concerns, whining about making loans which will be paid off in their own currency and with interest, sanctimonious talk of bailouts, who are these people, Americans?

Laugh out loud!

But ... I am not a member of the American political party that worries right now about inflation, whines about loans in domestic currency, or gets sanctimonious about bailouts. So, not Americans, but respectable Republicans.

The corollary, though, is that I may be making the same mistake on which your joke hinges: conflating a large subset of a country with the majority. There may be a big part of German public opinion that isn't getting all weird about the eurocrisis. After all, parliament did accept the package, and the shadow of Helmut Kohl still looms large.

Am I misunderestimating German public opinion?

The small subset of German public opinion I know is not representative, but I figure you are not asking me but rather DM.

I have known plenty of conservative Northern European types who easily stray into stereotypes about the south, though usually Italy is usually the "bad guy". This makes me wonder how much these fiscal issues play into a certain established narrative.

Also, your co-blogger got noticed by DeLong (but not for his awesome election blogging.)

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