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May 02, 2010


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I have to ask: what *was* the manicotti like? Size, shape, filling...?

Oh, gosh. It came in this oblong dish covered in a strange mix of olive oil, tomato sauce, chopped meat and cheese. The big tubes, in other words, were buried in a mush of other stuff, making it more resemble a kind of three-dimensional lasagna than the sort of manicotti you're used to out on the coasts. (Which, in turn, tends to be sloppier than the awesome manicotti I used to eat at a place called La Gloria in Mexico City --- you could practically pick them up with your hands and start munching.)

Isle of Capri's menu is here. I'd go back in a second. The picture of my distended stomach is about as positive a review as I can give.

Southeast Kansas has long been called "the Balkans" or "Little Balkans" for much the same reason -- coal country, immigrants brought in as cheap / docile labor. Presumably they didn't have the same issues with the Choctaws, but otherwise much of a muchness.

(Now I'm trying to imagine Greek cooking mutated along the same axis as the Italian cooking you describe. ummm.)

Doug M.

Should they not stop mining NOW? Yes it provides grueling employment for $545 per year, but what will happen years after today?

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