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April 04, 2010


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Actually, I was asking a slightly different, though related, question. Why was OXY the only U.S. firm to genuinely enter the second round? (You note that XOM was in only because of a first round bid.)

Related to OXY bidding, but too high? Why was the U.S. hurdle rate for these projects so much higher than the Europeans, Chinese...Kazakhs? Or was there a non-monetary factor?

Wait a minute. Shamrock? Which one? The community in Dallas county, or the one that's in the middle of nowhere? I can't imagine you're jonesing to catch a little faded Route 66 ambiance. Of course, the one in the middle of nowhere has got a muni airport...and they're near Pampa...hmmnn.

The one in the middle of nowhere. I'll be driving from Tulsa.

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