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April 29, 2010


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Sounds a lot like Fort Worth, FWIW. I like the FW Petroleum Club, we hold off-sites their on occasion.

Bernard: and I thought it sounded like San Antonio, which in turn had reminded me of Sacramento, where I grew up.

Noel, I like your travelogue posts in general, but the middle-America ones are most fun for me to read.

Thank you, Marcia! I appreciate the compliment.

Over at another blog, a guy named Spike Gomes blasted me about this post. The blog owner took the comments down since he knew me and knew I'd be bit-chomping to start a flame war, but I'm still wondering what exactly bothered Spike enough to get personal about it.

I think my sardonicism may come across as condescension. There were a few comments alleging that in my Puerto Rico posts. I think I'm going to have to rip into Brooklyn at some point.

Except that wouldn't be fair, since Brooklyn has changed so much since 1988! The spot on Earth most like where I grew up would now be ... Philadelphia.


You got blasted? Sorry I missed the kerfluffle. Is he from Oklahoma?

I've never been to middle America save for airport stopovers and three visits to Texas. I agree, it's hard to write from a "wow, this is new to me" POV without its being mistaken for condescension.

I'm pretty sure that he's from Hawaii.

The alternative tone is that treacly "Ain't this all wonderful!" vibe given off by too many travel writers.

What I don't understand is how he got the impression that I think Oklahoma is "quaint." He didn't answer when I asked.

I don't think it's condescending. Keep up the good work.

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