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March 18, 2010


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St. Lucia? I thought AH was from Nevis. [Checks wiki] Yep, born on Nevis, childhood on Saint Kitts. No mention of him ever hitting St. Lucia.

Too bad SHWI seems to be in its death throes. An AH positing a brilliant young francophone "Alexandre Faucette" (his mother was part Huguenot) that the local West Indian talent-spotters ship back to France for school, would seem to be a logical POD for an organizational wizard who could successfully bridge the Girondiste and Dantoniste factions, and be a better foil to Robespierre.

Fixed! Thanks for the catch, Colin.

Hmm. In the 21st Century, it is France that the sun never sets on. Especially if you include French Polynesia.

Does the EU have anything to say about this? Granted, I wouldn't be very worried about the Comoros being mad at me if I were the EU, but precedents and all.

Ah, Hamilton. A minor side note of how awesome he is, I recently read that he proposed the southern states raise regiments of black troops during the Revolution from slaves, with the promise of freedom. Since, he noted, it was clear they could fight as well as whites.

The Southern reaction was to say they'd return to Britain first.

I am fairly certain if we found one of his napkins you'd find a sketch of how to do a proper Reconstruction.

The mystery, David, is why the rest of the Comoros opted for independence. I have been unable to find a satisfactory answer to this question, although I am sure that there must be someone who has studied the question.

Djibouti's independence is almost as mysterious, although there it seems to have been tied to a conflict between the two major clan groupings.

In both cases, however, is feels like cutting off your nose to spite your face. Why deprive your people of French citizenship? Why not try instead to pry more autonomy, or more money, or (as in Mayotte's case) a lot more money by demanding departmental status?

Kind of a mystery to me how these referendums were won. Anyone know?

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