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January 19, 2010


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"This election is profoundly about Ms. Coakley."

In what way, exactly? Sincere question, I'm not local so I don't know if it's the gaffes, her personality, her hairstyle or what.

Also, I'd note what appears to be heavy turnout in the burbs. Light pro-Choakley turnout in Boston proper I would take to be a sign of what you're saying, but I don't get how it would work the opposite way in the burbs.

Also, does Viagra Online have anything to say re: the Cosmo spread or Coakley's couture?

Coakley told Catholics that they shouldn't work in emergency rooms. She saw one of her aides knock somebody over ... someone who seemed to be trying to ask her a question, did nothing, and then said, “I know something occurred, but I’m not privy to the facts. I’m sure it will come out, but I’m not aware of that.” (That is what the people in the above photo were bemoaning.)

She declared Afghanistan free of terrorists right when the Taliban launched an offensive in Kabul. She dismissed the idea of campaigning “outside Fenway, in the cold.” She pulled a Sarah Palin (you can't make this stuff up) by stating that the fact that her sister lived outside the United States gave her foreign policy experience. She abandoned the campaign trail to attend a fundraiser with health-industry lobbyists ... right as she launched an ad attacking Brown for being a shill of Wall Street. Said ad included a shot of the World Trade Center.

Then she called Curt Shilling a Yankees fan. She could have gotten out of it by making a joke --- "Curt Shilling is opposed to the interest of the people of Massachusetts ... and so are Yankees fans!" But no.

And then there are the dogs that didn't bark. No ads saying "Why is Scott Brown lying about health care reform?" when he was, uh, lying about the fiscal effect of health care reform on Massachusetts. I found it amusing how often and how positively he has referred to Commonwealth Care. Fair 'nuff; he voted for it. Of course, we won't mention that the national bill is basically Commonwealth Care writ large.

I had an immensely frustrating conversation, trying to convince people that it made no sense to vote for individuals over party anymore. Nobody wants to believe that, so they don't.

Man, they didn't like Coakley. It reached the point that Frank Luntz couldn't find people willing to admit that they supported her in a focus group.

Anyway, here is a sweet and short analysis of her numbers. Turnout, FWIW, was about the same as in 2002: high for a special election, but nothing surprising given the amount of publicity.

The election result neither surprises nor perplexes me; I can understand why people would vote for Brown.

What I do not understand is the reaction from the Congressional Democrats. They already voted for the insurance bill and will take whatever heat they will take ... without the boost from passing a bill. Passing a moderate, even conservative, bill.

Instead, this.

There is a return to having a sane center-right party oppose a crazy center-right party. But it doesn't get me enthused.

More data:


The sad thing, Bernard, is that I find the Democrats' reaction (thus far) so incomprehensible that I'm not even upset about it. It's that insane.

My default assumption is still that the leadership will realize that (the adminstration seems to, although man is the rhetoric crazy understated) and be able to talk sense into the rank-and-file over the next day or two.

If not, well, snort.

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