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January 17, 2010


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I'd like to see what generic viagra has to say on this.

Hah! I'm sure they only have positive feedback.

Fascinating - we could have had a charter city for refugees in 1979 ...

It appears you have a faster download link and more downtime. Did the Malaysians really imagine Hainan was an option - or Darwin? Wow.

Insomnia and a very long sequence of flights from Bahrain to Miami.

I was stunned to see Hainan on the list. I think the Malaysians were thinking that since most of the refugees were Chinese-Vietnamese, then China might be willing to house them.

But it isn't clear; it was just on a list with Darwin and Okinawa. You get the feeling that they were just throwing darts.

FWIW, Fraser has said he doesn't recall anything about the alleged buy-an-island proposal:


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