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December 25, 2009


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I'm guessing that last question is rhetorical, since we both know that ynetr ahzoref bs Oneonqvnaf jrag gb jbex ba gur Cnanzn Pnany, erfhygvat va n ovt vashfvba bs zbarl cyhf nyy fbegf bs orarsvpvny xabpx-baf. Frr, V sbyybj lbhe erfrnepu nsgre nyy. Bppnfvbanyyl. Va zl pbcvbhf fcner gvzr.

But I wouldn't want to spoil the surprise. Although I rather like "Cnazn Pnany", don't you?

Doug M.

I do. Cnanzn Pnany, indeed.

ROT13? Holy dating yourself, Batman! Furrfu.

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