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December 25, 2009


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So Barbados was so backwards and poor in 1904 that their workers were malnourished yet today it's one of the richest countries in the hemisphere. I'll have to read on their history.

I think that's insane. I didn't realize that Barbadians struggled socio-economically at that time. I am very interested to hear your take on the long term ramifications of this migration. As with most displacement, you usually see the creation of an "in-between" culture in the new country of immigrants who plan on going back home, but never do. What I have noticed in recent times, this "in-between" group inadvertently creates a generation of "waiting for the next...money transfer, phone call, food shipment, visa appointment". I'm not sure if the environment back then was conducive to this...

I think that....GOP opposition to birth control and subsidized abortion has been the policy that has driven me up the wall the most, and by a fair margin. Particularly overseas.

Very good story but some errs.
The 47 from Jamaica was contracted directly but the majority of workers on the canal where Jamaicans they traveled to Pma. by the way of Bocas del Toro.
In 1904, strikes were common: 1ea. in Quebrada Iguana and other on the Railroad.
In 1905 a slow down.
The Spanish were Anarchist.

this is BS as 10,000 Barbadians built the canal and more than a 1000 lost their lives , this is a Biased writing and maybe because the bajans kicked their asses !LOL

Sorry, Buck, are you refering to the post or to Anthony's comment?

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