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November 28, 2009


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It seems to me what would have been inconsistent would be for Brazil to desert Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay and Venezuela -- countries that really matter for Brazil -- in exchange for Costa Rica. These countries have just reiterated their non-recognition of this election. Now, the way is being paved for a solution by the suggestion (Arias`, in fact) that the handover to Lobo not come from Micheleti. This could be the out for the Southern Cone countries, a modicum of lawfulness. But this isn`t an issue that directly pits Brazil on a collision course with any other bloc, nor with the US`s own ambiguous response, so there`s no real price to pay for Lula. But internally, he would pay a price were he to desert Zelaya so early in the game. I don`t see how else he could handle this.

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