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November 14, 2009


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Regarding the re-make of Red Dawn:

"Let me bring up another socially unmentionable subject. Subversives. The worldwide Marxist-Leninist movement has grown in size and capability every year and today is no exception. Since 1917, they have on the average enslaved over 70,000 people a day - that's 2.1 million a month. The communists would dearly love a disarmed American population. The weaker we are, the better their chances. At the end of the World War II, we were, without question, the most powerful nation in the world. Not so anymore.

Never has our nation been more vulnerable than we are today. Our international posture has deteriorated in the last 25 years and only the weak, foolish and gullible would deem otherwise. With the loss of large chunks of the world to communism, America has become the refugee center for the world's fleeing citizenry. The flow continues to accelerate. What happens if the world continues to fall to communist aggression and subversion? Where do we flee? Where do Americans go? The answer is obvious: nowhere, this is the last stop!"

Senator H. L. Richardson, Guns & Ammo, June 1989. A month after the Soviet Republic of Estonia had declared sovereignty and started registering its citizens on the basis of old inter-war legislation; a month after Hungary had dismantled the Iron Curtain on the Austrian border; five months before the Berlin Wall came crashing down; nine months before Lithuania declared its independence; a year before the former East European states started leaving the Warsaw Pact.

About today's fears and expectations, the islamophobic hysteria and the fear of the government-organized compulsory multi-culturalization conspiracy reached its peak in Finland probably in the last autumn. But it's not quite dead yet, as testified by the recent book "The Fall of the West" by a notable university professor. Certain wingnuts have obviously rejoiced at the new academic authorization to their favourite dystopia.

And I thought that I was the crazy one over here.


J. J.


On a slightly more serious note, they demonstrated reading thoughts and transmitting them to a remote computer.

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