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November 23, 2009


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"“The Empire’s new toy: easy to use, totally manipulable.”"

Hardt and Negri have really gotten their hands into _everything_!

I dunno, Randy. When Hugo refers to the Empire, he means the American Empire in a real muscly non-metaphorical sense, you know, guns, bombs, and ICSID. Far from whassisname and the other guy.

You're hanging with a bad crowd up there!

BTW, could you explain what in the name of God those two were trying to argue? I felt like I was reading a bad translation from the original Armenian.


What's going on with the energy crisis I hear about going on in Venezuela? I mean, oil exporting nation? WTF?


Hey Noel, can I ask you an alternative history related favour? I am currently assembling sources for a timeline based on the premise that Columbus sails for England. I was wondering if there were any works that immediately strike you as useful or necessary for me to read, and if you could point me in their direction?

In retrospect, that question was both ridiculously broad and overly presumptuous. Might I ask the more reasonable question of what sources you would recommend for colonial-era Latin America?

Sure. Best place to start is Volume 1 of the Cambridge History of Latin America. Burkholder and Johnson, Colonial Latin America, is another good introductory text. Is that what you're looking for?

Yes, I think it is. Thanks.

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