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September 25, 2009


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I agree with Mrs. M; the TV show was better than I thought. The CCTV footage at the baseball stadium was genuinely thrilling. I just hope that it doesn't become some mushy inconsistent endless drama.

Amma's biggest beef was with the hospital scene. Given the scale of the accidents, the place would have still been overwhelmed two days later. They should have been looking for the parents of much more than one child, and the conversation between the surgeon-lady and the male nurse should have been far more breathless.

In other words, that scene would have more realistic had it been more cinematic.

On the other hand, the number of smoke plumes over L.A. seemed a little silly, even if the scale of the road carnage and the subsequent looting of downtown stores felt about right.

The number of cars that just started to explode all by themselves was kind of frightening. If this kind of megadisaster is going to happen IRL, I need a diesel-fueled hooptie.

Great!! It was Awesome!!

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