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July 27, 2009


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I don't get it, the Canada reference. Is the Dominion a source of lawlessness and smuggling? If the USians made a $240 mil investment in Quebec Hydro could they wind their northern neighbor around their fingers? Explicate, please!

Heya, Jonathan! Bienvenidos!

The analogy in my head is Canada:America::Argentina:Brazil. The Brazilians are treating their version of Mexico (or the Dominican) much better and putting some institutional meat on their version of NAFTA. As a result, it's much easier for them to get their way in spats with Buenos Aires, since they can use their poor friends to push their rich partner around. Inside Mercosur, of course.

Not that the U.S. really needs to push Canada into doing anything that I can see. And for some reason, we've got a whole population of people who seem to have convinced themselves that a North American Union would be something other than a kinder and gentle American Empire. (What's not to like?) But if we could get past those two obstacles, we could rule the continent. All your softwood is belong to us! Mwahahahahahahahah!

Seriously, there are people who get worked up about, you know, building highways that intersect with the Mexican border, or the idea of talking to Mexican police officers. Remember our old friend Spencer Feldman? He is honestly worried about ameros and the Security and Prosperity Partnership Of North America and all that.

So as long as Spencer is the median voter setting our foreign policy, Canada is safe.

I see now.

So by accepting Mexican long-haul truckers and giving preferential treatment to Mexican building supplies, USA can cadge Mexican support for expropriating softwood and oil shales from Canada.

Sounds like a good idea to me.

Ah, putting it that way sounds like I was making an ill-thought-out off-the-cuff analogy to get a rise out of our Canadian friends, as opposed to a very serious thoughtful argument that has never been made in such detail or with such care.

But I'm glad you agree! Take the oil sands. I hear they got lots of water up there too. Even the raw hearts of freshly-killed seals.

Will, we turn our eyes to you.

"Take the oil sands. I hear they got lots of water up there too. Even the raw hearts of freshly-killed seals."

You know, right, that thanks to a combination of advanced bioengineering and a terrifying lack of medical ethics all Canadians have Wolverine's powers? It's a fact.

Anyway. I was think, in regards to hydroelectricity, Brazil:Paraguay::Québec:Newfoundland.


Briefly put, in 1969 Newfoundland signed an insanely unlucrative--antilucrative?--contract with Québec in regards to the transmission of Labrador hydroelectric power into the North American power grid and has been constantly denouncing this contract and trying to change it. Québec, the larger partner and perhaps somewhat resentful over the loss of Labrador, refuses. The contract will last until 2034.

"an ill-thought-out off-the-cuff analogy to get a rise out of our Canadian friends"

A worthwhile goal in and of itself, of course.

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