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July 31, 2009


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Why won't you try Ilocos Norte and get another view of the country. Hey please add me up on facebook please.......hehehe.

You know what, this country has the 2nd most corrupt goverment in the world. But it is the most democratic. Nonetheless if mobocracy prevails, whatever policy we economist formulate it would always be in vain.

You really did not answer the question "Will Elites permit reform?". Before I go to UP, I have watched an interview of RP's special envoy for trade negotiations. He's talking about the policies the government will implement for the economy. He said that they are still weighing out if we should stick to the protectionism policy or should we open the economy. Does it really imply that the ruling party is anxious to open the economy for fear that it may diminish their power in their respective industries? The people in this government comprises mostly of business people with interest on diversified industries ranging from Agriculture and telecommunications. Opening the economy to the world market may mean increase in competittion.

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