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July 02, 2009


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I went with a FlexFuel Fusion, myself. First "domestic" I've purchased in about 15 years.

Baby safety seats are enough of a PITA even with a four-door. Don't do it!!

The new Camaro also might be worth a try, though I've heard it's difficult to get deals on them.

Screw that, save your money for an Opel Insignia. Meanwhile, buy a used Samara.


J. J.

That would be a little difficult, living in the United States and all. No?

Hey, Samara was on sale in Canada until the '90s, although Niva was more popular. Niva and Samara sold reasonably well in _Trinidad_, although I suppose that they have a left-handed traffic.

Speaking of which, perhaps you should work out a special blog post about Ladas in the Caribbean and the Latin America sometime. As a serious economic and trade history observation, of course.

Insignia will be sold in the States, of course.


J. J.

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