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May 27, 2009


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Tom Ridge. I dunno...how is he on NASCAR?

Seriously, the thing nobody ever mentions about the Republican party (not) regrouping is that a big piece is identity politics, and identity politics don't have to make sense. In fact sometimes it seems to help when they don't.

Ridge's Wikipedia article doesn't give any sense of where he would fit in the identity mudfight. He's a war hero, but also a Harvard graduate and serves on a bunch of corporate boards.

My personal if-the-genie-gave-me-a-wish candidate to pull the Republican party together would be Fred Thompson, or someone like him. He's have the history and the manner to win over the...hmm...rather alienated sorts, and the smarts and communications skills to get them to sign on to a narrative that's more generally acceptable than Limbaugh's.

Maybe if someone gave him amphetamines?

The identity politics bit is a good point. Of course, the narrative can be a problem; you'd need somebody whom you can imagine giving the equivalent of Obama's abortion speech from the other side. "I want zero, you do not, but we are so far from that goal and both find it so distasteful that we can work together." Etcetera.


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