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April 10, 2009


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NO comments? WTF. over. This one was a post I have been WAITING for some people to chime up on about. I find it fascinating!

Wasn't there some sort of this happening wrt Iran and Libya back in the day also?

Sorry, V.O., I don't follow how that question pertains to the topic of this thread. To be honest, I don't follow the question at all.

If you don't respond, I'll have to assume that you're a very clever bot and block you; after all, your nick is a little odd.

It's a bot, Noel. I get them frequently.

Let's not forget that lawyers--specifically prosecutors--conducted U.S. foreign policy by indicting Noriega. Somehow the Neutrality Treaty was overlooked. I was told that in the context of the case against Noriega, that if the case against Noriega was dropped for political reasons--which, if the Rule of Law exists in the United States, cannot happen--then the case would be dropped against his codefendants as well.

Since I can't find your other post about driving on the the left in Panama: are your sure? I remember that there were odd traffic rules concerning the swing bridge at Pedro Miguel and a Bailey Bridge somewhere near Gamboa, but that was it. I'm pretty sure that I would have known.

On this point, Myanmar switched to driving on the right in the 1970's because a fortune-teller advised the government head to do so. Strangely, they kept right-hand side drive cars. The result is that a left hand turn in Myanmar is an extremely dangerous operation.

And in Bolivia, they import cars with steering wheels on the right and move the pedals and wheel to the left leaving the other controls on what is now the passenger side.

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