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April 30, 2009


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Well, since you brought up Finland, the local canal treaty has sometimes
created a few issues , but at the moment, it seems that things are back in order again. And no Russian politician is going crazy because part of the Sacred Rodina has once again been leased to those NATO-flirting former Nazi allies who spout out anti-Russian diatribe on regular basis.

(Chinese missile bases in Panama? Why not North Korean, while at it?)


J. J.

Obama's conciliatory tone angers the right, and makes a lot of people glad that we're no longer being nasty mean bullies, but the great thing about it is that he's still quietly and coldly advancing America's national interests but without the GW bluster. And that is change we can believe in.

I also love theater like this, because it gives Barry more scope to extend the hand of friendship while also still dropping missiles into the bad guys' living rooms in Waziristan. AQ of course hates it.

Have I mentioned that I kind of love the way BHO is working the far right and our enemies overseas?

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