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April 22, 2009


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With her and then Obama, perhaps we may be entering into a new golden age of attractive heads of state.

Counterpoint--Sarkozy and Gordon Brown.

However, the Michelle Obama-Carla Bruni axis, that's good.

Perhaps if Klaus Wowereit were to be the next Chancellor of Germany, we could move towards an era of good feels and good looking heads of state.

Sorry, we're still going to be stuck with our prez for the next two and a half years. And I guarantee that no soldier is going to turn his head to check out her ass during state visits.

Some nit-picking to Luke; Gordon Brown is not a head of state, and same goes for whoever may be the Federal Chancellor.

Of course, if the competition is extended to heads of government... well, as you may remember, I already have a rather strong opinion of who's the definite pick of the crop.


J. J.

"Counterpoint--Sarkozy and Gordon Brown."

Brown, sure, but Sarko? There's something to him.

Noel, I am shocked--shocked!--that you're underplaying the Argentine threat.


The Argentines have been perennial threats to the ESA and North Atlantic powers, while their alliance with Mexico--remember, the country that took southern California after the Twilight War?--threatens the stability of the Chinese Arm. Montaña's becoming a planetary citadel capable of cutting Brazil off from its Paulo colony at Procyon.


To say nothing of the threat that growing tensions with Argentina poses to humanity in the face of the threat from the Kafers on the French Arm.

You sound amused now, but mark my words we'll come to recognize the Argentine threat for what it truly is. May we only survive to that date.


Yes, but they're the counterpoint to that weird/creepy G-20 "babes" photoshoot, which Mr. Angie Merkel and the former president of Argentina participated in, so I went for it. If not, Prince Phillip is the unfortunate result of inbreeding. The future King William V, mind, is rather the opposite. Horst Koehler is merely weathered and undistinguished in appearance. However, the would've-been Crown Prince of Sweden, Duke of Varmland, is rather a tasty dish....

Have I covered my bases?


He's sort, wrinkly, and so terribly *French*--garlic, snail shells, thinking he's a superpower. There's a picture of him somewhere with a pregnant, bikini-clad Carla Bruni looking not unlike Aphrodite after stepping off the clam, and Sarko looking squat, fat, and generally unattractive. So, that.

Yes, well, different tastes.

(I should stop here else I take Noel's blog too far from its intended subject.)

No no, Randy, keep going. There is never an intended subject in a lively subject thread, and how can I complain about this one?

I always thought that Sarko was a sort of rakish looking fellow, definitely on the good-looking side, but I may not be qualified to judge.

Hmm. Well, um, all I feel comfortable in saying in this point is to quote a character in a Adrian Tomine graphic novel who said that the sort of person one is attracted to says an uncomfortably large amount about oneself.

That, and the rakishness is definitely part of it. Charisma works really well on me, I've discovered.

Sorry, but unfortunately I need to correct you: those guys are not soldiers, they are Carabineros (police men)

A chilean soldier, trained with prussian discipline, would never make such faupax :-)

Cheers from Germany

they arent turning the head because of that, president's military honors include visual tracking, as with the flags.

Buzzkill, Max!

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