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April 19, 2009


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The only problem with making that movie today is that it would require a reserve and understatedness that Pacino hasn't shown since...I dont know, what was the movie he made before Sea of Love?

Revolution. Which I actually saw, and can't remember, other than a scene of him hiding in a cornfield. And before that Scarface. No one can criticize Tony Montana, obviously, but I wouldn't call Pacino's performance "reserved."

But point taken. Although to be fair, I thought Pacino was pretty understated in Johnnie Brasco. No? It's been a while since I saw it.

Thats right, he went back to the well in Donnie (right?) Brasco. I'd totally forgotten about that movie. It was a solid mob movie with some really good performances --I remember Johnny Depp being really good too-- but it was forgotten really quickly. At least by me.

And yeah, of course it was Scarface that was the turning point.

Truth be told i haven't watch Dog Day Afternoon. is it any good? would you recommend it?

Yes. Highly.

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