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February 09, 2009


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Hasn't Honda discontinued the Insight?


I really tried to like the Ford Fusion Hybrid. It drives well, or so I'm told. But it was boring, and seems overpriced.

But it's the car I want to want.

Feh. You know that when you're in Washington on business that I'm supposed to buy you beer.

I would love a Volt just for the fact that even with gas, it will still get ridiculously good mileage. I would settle for a Vespa.

But then, both of those decisions depend on a search committee choosing to do the right thing and giving me the ability to restore liquidity to the banking sector. Otherwise, sessional purgatory is going to mean putting off a lot of fun purchases.

I need to digitize pictures of the cars I owned in college and grad school. Bailing wire. Literally. I held the front end of one of them together with bailing wire. Or some sort of wire.

Practiced soldering on the electrical system of a 1980 Plymouth Champ, a skill I'd learned on those little electrical kits as a kid and that I'd never thought would come in handy.

Do kids still play with those kits these days? And what about chemistry sets? Are there still chemistry sets?

Interesting taste there, Noel. Definite trend. :D

Those are awesome four wheelers! I'm sure any one of those would turn heads when it goes down the road. I'm a self-confessed muscle car fanatic, and I find myself gawking whenever I see one. Well, have you bought your own ride? Can you post pictures of it?

Hi there's nothing wrong with the Mini Cooper Clubman S! I actually love that car, though I have to admit the car in the first photo looks pretty awesome.

very nice wheels! And it looks very expensive.

That Camaro looks amazing!

Some great looking cars there! A shame you couldn't have taken it for a ride :P

thank you

What I would like two have is a hybrid version of the dark blue car on the first picture.

I would love to buy cars like this.

Nice cars, but 2017 is very much new cars with new design and features.

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