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February 11, 2009


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Ahem ... sorry to have to say this, but it looks as if Dad was sorta telling a proverbial tall tale. Herman Talmadge had two sons but no daughters. In addition, he would have been only 35 in early 1949, a bit young to have a child old enough to graduate and drive.

It's still a cool story, true or not!

Peter! You speak nonsense! It isn't logical to conclude that Pop was telling a tall tale. After all, we have pictures of the car. (And the singer, I should add.)

So where's the tall tale? He got the car.

Ah, yes, that factual problem about the daughter. Ah, facts.

But why conclude that Pop made up that part of the story? There are two more likely explanations.

First is that the daughter in question might have been Eugene's, rather than Herman's. In other words, Herman's younger sister rather than his daughter. Or possibly his niece.

I'll leave rejecting that hypothesis up to you. Which doesn't mean I don't want to know.

The other possibility is that the salesman might have taken my father for a ride. After all, the 98-series retailed for $2,973 ... and that was a higher-end version than Pop's 76 ... which the salesman claimed would go for $3,100.

Now, that'd be a clever sales pitch, I must say.

But a tall tale? You speak nonsense, Peter, nonsense!

What a good looking guy Lenny was. Love the picture! I've always loved his stories. You captured his talking style well. Did you tape him telling it?
Yes, I do think he has a tendency to exaggerate slightly, but as a creative talent, he's earned that. Keep them coming, Noel. Any war stories? A book?


Hi, Thoth! Yup, new stories will be along forthwith. Going to Miami this weekend with my wife; we just need to find a place where I can set up a portable computer and get him talking.

I did tape it; Pop has a pretty distinctive speaking style. I did have to move a bunch of sentences around to keep the narrative continuity --- other than that and a few grammatical fixes (only when they were wrong; not when they were Pop's inimitable style) it's pretty much his own words.

We should try to get together next time in NYC. How go things?

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