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February 11, 2009


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Oh SPLAT! Imports are down their 05 levels? Exports to 07? And falling?!

Wait. What does the US look like?

Based on what I've been hearing China took a pattern and cookie cuttered it. However, this is ancedotal and only of vague value. Their energy efficiency sux0r, btw. Much worse than ours. That can't be helping. Their carbon efficiency...youch.

Why did exports and imports from 1990 to 2000 have a sharp, distinct upward tick at the end of every calendar year (I'm assuming that those are calendar years on the chart, but I'm not sure). Is this a function of the way the statistics happen to be reported, or to Chinese enterprises tend to buy and sell big-ticket things at the end of the year, to run through the remainder of their budgets?

U.S. imports and exports are looking the same way. Both plummeting, imports faster than exports.

It's weird, though. If I had more time at the moment, I'd poke around the bilateral data. Are neighboring countries seeing the same pattern in their bilateral trade? Do FTAs have any effect? And is the Eurozone really different, or is that just another outdated anecdote?

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