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January 23, 2009


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Actually, Noel, that wasn't at all a nationalist thing to say, so I was not going to pick on you because of it. Unless there's a political programme involved when you're listening to reggaetón or country.

Hm, OK, in the case of country, there at least could be. But anyway, Icelanders are known to shoot guns for fun.

About the proposal in itself, if I believed for a moment that you were serious, I'd be wondering what you're smoking. But still, I'd definitely like to see more of these cost-benefit-assessments for every country imaginable; it seems like fun.

There was a similar article in our national newspaper back when the EU membership was a hot topic. "Why not join the United States instead? We're already culturally close, no one else drinks Budweiser except we and them. Plus, we could upgrade our air force with those F-18s _for free_!"

I'm not sure what the U.S. would have gained if Finland had become a state; that part was not discussed in the article.


J. J.

Works for me.

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